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Our collaboration and contribution to communities with our partner Inner Connect NPO


With our partner Inner Connect NPO, we focus on introducing younger people in schools. We believe that education can bring major change and improvement in people and communities. we continue building schools in villages.

Education serves as the cornerstone of a fulfilling life, yet in our pursuit of holistic well-being, an acute awareness of our mental health emerges as a pivotal factor for a life lived to its fullest. In this light, we find immense value in our collaboration with Inner Connect NPO. Their remarkable endeavors in bolstering the determination of young women to persist in their educational journey, and their commitment to traversing the world to illuminate the importance of mental-well-being, paint a vivid tapestry of inspiration and empowerment to young women.

Inspired by the success of mission to bridge the gap that had long existed in understanding the mental health challenges faced by disabled individuals and their families. Inner Connect NPO, dedicated to hosting events that promoted mental health awareness, also created a platform for families to connect and support each other.

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